Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Yesterday was my Dad's 52nd birthday, and I made him the best heartfelt gift a girl can give to her daddy. A picture frame collage of pictures of just he & I from when I was a baby and toddler. I had so much fun looking through pictures, most of these I'd never even seen before!

I love photographs -- when I have a child, every single step will be documented! I can't believe that I have grown up from that, and looking at the photos really made me think about my dad's position. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a baby and then suddenly see her grown-up, seeing the transformation. It is weird for me to think about the fact that he was a baby too and my grandparents saw him get to his life now, and one day I'll have a baby...and I can't imagine them growing up! The circle of life is just crazy.

Anyway, seeing how cute he was with me made me realize: Wow, Dad has really been there through everything and he really knows me, as only your parents can, from the beginning to now. and he was such a cute daddy :)

Easter outfits
My dad had a Conan O'Brien coif!
This one below is my favorite picture of us.
I'd never seen this one until last week, and I love the way I'm looking up at him all happy, like "That's my daddy!"
P.S. notice how many times I had a bow/clip in my hair? Everytime that I didn't have an Easter bonnet on. WOW, nothing's changed!! haha.


trishie said...

Aw, sweet photos!
Hope your dad had a wonderful birthday!

lauren may said...

laura. you were the cutest kid. other than me of course. although for me cute could be more so feral. ish. love!

Laura Loo said...

"were" key word? haha. thaaanks :p
and yeah, you were cute, but DEF in an extremely feral way. hahaha.

Taylor and Amanda (aka Team Haynes) said...

Aww Laura! So glad I've discovered your blog! This totally pulled my heartstrings.

BuenoBueno said...

soooooooooo cute! omg!
your dad is awesome!is he a ginger (red head)
i cant even imagine what dads go through either. poor things. one min we depend on them and the next we are running out the door adoring some punk boyfriend...then getting married to the man of her dreams...crazy.
daddy's are the best are your such a cutie!