Friday, February 19, 2010

Under the Sea

I've found a refreshing and interesting blog called If You Never Did, You Should, which posts photos and ideas for activities and travel destinations that the author thinks everyone should try if they haven't! She is hosting a special giveaway, asking readers to post pictures and a story of something that you think people should do, if they never have.

If you never did, you should SCUBA DIVE!
My first experience was a one-time resort dive in the Bahamas, and it was beautiful! Then, my wonderful friend Correy, who passed away this year, got me into it again my freshman year of college.
I got certified in 2006 in Monterey, California (right near where I live). Monterey is COLD water diving, I have to wear a 5mm wetsuit, thick gloves, and a full hood. It is usually kind of murky and cloudy under there, but with a flashlight the colors just pop! And when you're surrounded by a kelp bed and look up to see the sun shining's gorgeous! The deepest I've done there is 83ft.
My favorite experience in Monterey was at a spot called Lovers Point, with my two best guy friends. I felt my fin get pulled (I thought it was stuck in kelp), and I turned around to see a Harbor Seal nibbling on it!! I was surprised but he was soo sweet. He literally followed me around for the last 20 minutes of my dive, with his cute fins wrapped around mine. I brought him over to my guy friends and they were amazed. The seal wasn't interested in them, but we basically danced around each other, and at one point he was on the surface and swam down to me and touched his face to my mask like a kiss. Absolutely precious. We surfaced and waded back to shore and he followed me most of the way. UNbelievable.
not my photo, but this is what he looked like
In addition to the Bahamas, and Monterey, I went on a few scuba dives when I was in Kauai, Hawaii in 2007. Those were absolutely beautiful. The water was ridiculously clear and bright blue, and the waters contained the most bright and interesting fish (including a tiny black and white polka dot one, my favorite that I chased for minutes!). I got to hold a baby octopus (it inked on me!), got close to a baby shark, and saw a pack of barracudas. The best part was navigating through these amazing caverns, with giant sea turtles swimming so close you can touch them.

In October 2009 I came to visit my now-boyfriend's homeland, Australia! I spent some time in Cairns, Queensland first, where I went on a 3day2night live-aboard scuba trip. We did 11 dives total, 3 at night. I didn't see any turtles or clown fish like they said, but I did see some sharks at night time! and other amazing creatures like Lionfish, the eeeevil scary Triggerfish, Giant Clams, etc.

Here are some of the photos I captured under the sea, in the Great Barrier Reef.
Giant Clam!!! i love these!
Umm... POLKA DOT FISH whaaa!
I love how the coral forms heart shapes!
Another gorgeous luminescent giant clam. These are fun to play with, but don't stick your finger in the hole or it'll suck it right up!
Parrotfish abound in the reef
Suddenly we were literally surrounded by dozens and dozens of Parrotfish, closed in around us! It was gorgeous and left me in awe

"Under the sea, Under the sea... Darling it's better down where it's wetter, take it from me!"

So if you never have, you should scuba dive!!!


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p.s. you should deffinately try making lamingtons for your bf! They are much easier to make than you would think.


Rose said...

Wow Laura, those photos are pretty amazing! And that little seal...too cute, i would want to take him home with me, he reminds me a little of my cat lol.
I think I would be too scared to scuba dive, all those fishes and things swimming around.
Thanks so much for your comments recently.