Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Wedding in a Mansion!

Kohl Mansion ~ Burlingame, CA
My brother and sister-in-law's wedding venue this April. This place was so lovely, and so interesting, that I had to devote an entire post to it! I wish I'd been able to to more/better photos, but being involved in the wedding made it hard to find time!

This tudor-style mansion feels full of history and has a beautiful garden (which I don't have photos of!) It was built by a couple in 1914, who later separated. Charles Frederick Kohl committed suicide in 1921, leaving the mansion to his opera singer mistress, who later sold it to nuns who opened it as a girls school. The mansion is reportedly haunted by Kohl, although I saw/heard nothing! :) The mansion originally included a carriage house, a rose garden, a tennis court, and a 150,000 gallon reservoir!

What a grand hall

Loved the big staircase, and the huge old painting.
This room was beautiful! It became the dance floor, although at night its beauty couldn't be appreciated!

And how lovely is this entryway to the wedding? So romantic...

Totally dug this old oriental-esque carpet!
The ceremony took place in front of this lovely fountain!

The view from the wedding party, looking into the reception hall.
This study was the waiting area for the groomsmen and myself (the best woman!) I loved the old-fashioned library feel (the other side's walls were stacked with books -- it felt like Beauty & the Beast!) and the large sunny window.
Some photos from the wedding night
How interesting is this cake? Hexagonal! Very unique. 

The wedding color was blue, and orange flowers were in the arrangements, cake, and our bouquets because it is my brother's favorite color! :)

Oh, also, during pictures, the topper slid down the cake, completely ruining one side of it! They had to change out the tablecloth, flip the cake around, and replace the topper. Luckily, my brother's bride wasn't a bridezilla and it didn't stress them out. Honorable woman!
A lovely wedding in a lovely mansion!


trishie said...

What a beautiful wedding and mansion!

Rose said...

Wow, what a beautiful place for a wedding! I would love my wedding in a place like this, it looks perfect inside and out.
Such a shame about the cake topper, I think I would have been very upset if that happened to me, but the cake looks really lovely in the photo.


Caroline said...

I worked here for two years as a Varsity Swim Coach and Golf Coach absolutely beautiful. Great photos!! XO

shaun1980 said...

Great photo's!
Looks like it was a great ceremony, at a memorable location.

Great Blog LauraLoo!