Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Homemade Wedding Presents!

Oh my goodness, I've been so MIA! My brother's wedding was this weekend and I've been in California... and had lots to do before we left too! Since I have so many stories and pictures and aspects of the wedding I want to cover, I'll split it up... 1st post?

Wedding Crafts!! I wanted to hand-make all of the presents.

My Sister-in-law's Bridal Shower gift:
pleaaaase ignore my messy at-home end-of-night hair!!
my 1st Apron! I made it with a pillowcase from Goodwill as well... Cut it in half, and then sewed on the band and straps and glued on ribbon! It was fun to make, I'm started making more today!

The Wedding Card:
Ugg, this card took me awhile. I made one, got pissed at it, and totally scrapped it. I wanted it to look semi-pro, not just crappy mess. I think this ended up looking pretty cute though!

The Wedding Present:
So, I did not want to get just anything from the registry.. I mean, it's my brother!! My only sibling! I wanted to make something personal and special.
I picked these sand dollars because my brother proposed while they were looking for sand dollars on the beach (something they'd do together whenever at the beach). He bent down pretending he found one, faked her out and whipped out the ring.
So, I got these sand dollars, and they came with mini starfish... My grandpa's dog ate one of the starfish, ack!! So it's uneven, and that bothers me; I'll buy more and fix it later!
I was contemplating painting the other seashells lining the frame white/black/blue, so they were more classy/wedding-like... But I ended up deciding I liked the colors, and it was beachy. It took for-eh-ver to glue each shell on individually!! oy vey.
I want to paint either their names or initials on the mat, but wanted them to pick out a wedding or engagement photo first so I know whether its landscape or portrait. Oh, and blue was their wedding colors (and orange: his favorite) hence the color of the frame!

YAY Weddings! I had lots of fun making these things for them. and I'm so so happy for my brother and new sister-in-law! More about the wedding later :)


Rose said...

Hey Laura!
You did an awesome job with the gift making. The card ended up looking really professional, great job. And I bet they loved the frame, love how you used the beach theme because your bro proposed at the beach, great idea!
I cant wait to see the wedding photos :)

And thanks heaps for including my giveaway!


OneCraftyFox said...

You are so awesome Laura!! Great gifts, you are so crafty. Luv the pic of you in the apron. It's the shizzle ;)

OneCraftyFox said...

Hey, just saw your comment. You have nothing to apologize for my dear, it looks awesome!! I didn't notice any crookedness or glue, and I LOVE the color :)

Thanks again,

Micaela said...

you are so cute! looove the apron and the frame! i'm jealous of you crafting goddesses :)

marilyn scott said...

This is a wonderful frame and can surely make a great wedding gift. I'd love to add this to my list of wedding gift ideas if you won't mind?