Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Diana Mini!

G'day from Australia!! After spending a few days in my hometown -- San Jose, California -- I went to my momma's down in southern Cali desert. Then, my boyfriend & I flew back to Australia to spend about 7 weeks in Adelaide with his family!
We have been here for a couple days now, just been relaxing and eating. It's so nice to see his family again! And this weekend we'll be catching up with his mates. Unfortunately, our baggage got left in Los Angeles, and we spent two days without our suitcases! Luckily, they delivered our luggage to us even though we're an hour away out in the country -- yay!

Anyway, so I am so happy to introduce my latest purchase!! The Diana Mini camera. Wheee! I quickly took one roll and got it developed before I came to Australia. I really like it!! I now have the flash as well, and I cannot wait to try it out with the color fills! So exciting.

My favorite shots were the double exposures. In fact, the next roll I put in I'm trying to do all double exposures! They are so neato! Here they are.


This was actually an accidental double exposure. It looks a bit like fireworks, but I think they are sea anenomes from the aquarium!

I have a flower face!


kate maggie said...

It made me so excited that you are in Australia! :) My 1st love is Australia. <3 Have so much fun..I love these photos so much. You have a really unique blog..I digg it! x

Mandy said...

Yippee! Ellie asked me if you were "under the world" today! I LOVE the pictures! I want one now! Like we don't have enough cameras in this house! Have fun and keep posting pictures!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

The "fireworks" pic is pretty neat! :) :)

Eli said...

great photos! I especially love the playground ones, they're so colourful! I hope you're enjoying your time in Australia! I just came home to Australia a couple of weeks ago. It's nice to be back :)

eli. x

OneCraftyFox said...

These are so cool, especially that third last one. It's almost haunting!!

You two are adorable. Hope you are having a fantastic summer :)

Rachel said...

ooh that is an interesting effect! hope you are having a lovely time on vacay. :)