Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fisheye Take 1

Well, awhile back I won that "If You Never Did, You Should" blog giveaway, from my underwater photos of Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef. One of the prizes was Jodi's old Lomography Fisheye camera. I fiiinally got film to use, and got my 1st roll developed.


I suppose I need to use the flash. There were a few indoor shots where I completely forgot to use it, but nearly all of my shots were outdoors, and hardly any of them came out. I wouldn't have thought I'd need a flash, but ay yi yi. You live you learn. Also, the last 7 frames were taken when I was advancing the film and it just kept winding, apparently taking photos, instead of stopping to let me release the shutter. URG.

The following are the only ones that even half came out!
In addition, I got the film developed at Target, which was only $5 (a lot less than most places I checked), they didn't develop one photo that I guess they deemed unsalvageable -- but I think I could lighten it up on my computer. AND, one of the only good prints, they got some gold market smeared on it!! (see below) Color me annoyed.
I'm also surprised at how close up you have to get to make a cool Fisheye effect. None of my photos displayed the crazy warping, and I thought I was getting very close!! But apparently 1 foot away isn't enough -- 2 inches next time? My boyfriend took one of me eating cotton candy really up close, I thought it'd look so cool, but instead of just my face and the candy, it was my whole upper body and grainy and the colors were soo gray. Le sigh.
Anyway, I'll give it another shot! Use the flash unless its extremely sunny...Get extreeeemely up close. Hopefully I get some good ones next time!!
P.S. I also just bought a Diana Mini!! I'm suuuuper excited!! I'm having so much fun, but as my flash hasn't arrived yet, I'm afraid I'll have the same issues with my first roll as I have the Fisheye. We'll see; fingers crossed!!

P.P.S. On a personal note -- Today was my last day of my special-ed teaching & nannying, before going off on summer break! We took the class to the park and ate watermelon, and we watched an end-of-year movie/slideshow that I loved. I had to say goodbye to the kids -- it feels weird that I won't see them everyday! It was especially weird saying goodbye to the three 5th graders who are graduating, knowing I won't see them again! One of my favorites is leaving, he's a big bear with Down's Syndrome and a huge smile and loooves talking about Disney movies :) My kinda guy!
It's also weird to know that the little baby I'm taking care of will be bigger when I get back!! I really like her and her lil' big sister (whose play cottage is pictured above!), and their momma got me a very sweet and thoughtful bon voyage/thank you present :) I have good jobs!

Well, now I pack and leave to California and then fly to Australia! I cannot wait :)


Rose said...

I like the fisheye photos! Very cool, especially the first one. Now that you know what the problem is maybe next time they will turn out even better.

Make sure you pack warm, its too cold here in Adelaide :( will you be working while you are here too?


mangocheeks said...

Brilliant shots, something magical about them.

I like the third one especially.

Rose said...

Make sure you bring a jacket then, its been cold and rainy the last week. The temp for the next week is 15-17ish degrees :(
The sunshine coast should be nice, I wanted to go up to Cairns where its nice and warm next month but now were going to Vivtoria instead.
Sure could get together for a catch up! what dates are u here?
Hope ya have an awesome time up on the sunshine coast anyways!

Rose :)

Eli said...

hello Laura! That is so exciting that you're getting a diana mini! I absolutely love mine, even though it did take a while to get used to! And you're going to Australia! I live in Australia (well, usually - i'm in Italy now). I'm sure you'll love it there :)

Eli. x