Monday, March 29, 2010

Beautiful Day for a Wedding

Oh my, I love weddings. Always make me teary eyed. Fill me with this wonderful feeling that love is so special and precious. Annnd definitely makes me want to plan one of my own!!!
I drove to California, my home, for my cousin's wedding. The last of my 4 boy cousins to get married, and my brother is getting married next month! I'm his Best Woman :) I'm the baby of the family (and the only girl), and now everyone has married in age succession, and I'm the last one left! I cannot wait.
Me & my Aussie boyfriend, David // My brother Michael, and his fiance Kristen

Since being on the blogs, I've found some lovely DIY wedding blogs (though no, I'm not engaged yet), and I'm verrry inclined to pursue that when I plan my own! I've decided I don't want a cookie cutter wedding. I guess it'd be a lot of work, but it makes it so personal and cute!
Some things I've always thought about for my wedding, since I was a kid, have changed. For instance, I used to picture a church ceremony, but now I definitely want it outside. It's a prettier scene :) I've decided that my wedding colors will be purple & teal, pastels probably. My boyfriend said "Ok....but can I wear my Liverpool tie?" hahaha. NO, you're marrying me, not a football club! And Red doesn't belong in the color scheme. He said he'd marry the club if he could...ohhhh boys.
One of the most handsome things is a man dressed all dapper, putting on a tie.

I cannot wait to plan the rest of my life with this guy! My Aussie :)
Oh, and we also had fun with the disposable camera on the table, taking pictures on the digicam through the viewfinder on the disposable!!


Rachel said...

i am obsessed with wedding planning shows & blogs.
not married. not engaged. lol
its just wedding are kind of the best, most personal, and most elaborate party you will probably ever have!
thus, they are awesome :)
so excited about parcel exchanging!

BuenoBueno said...

awe you look so pretty!
i love weddings just not the dressing up part! im glad you like too!!!
you are your bf are so cute i love how happy yall look!!!

im not a fan of the liberty of london but YOU look fabulous in it! im weird, i dont really wear floral print it started at an early age:

trishie said...

Beautiful wedding darl! and you and your bf look so good and cute together.

Stacey said...

Having just gotten over the stress of my sister's wedding last month, I don't find this post very amusing. ;)
That being said, I totally have my dream wedding planned, even though I don't plan to be married aaaaanytime soon.

Rose said...

I love weddings too, although I rarely go to one. And I cant wait to get married either :)
You looked really lovely, such a cute colourful dress you wore.
What a cute idea to ring the bell for the cople to kiss, I adore the cake topper.


Micaela said...

j'adore your wedding attire! i need to pull out some of my floral dresses.

there is nothing sexier than watching a guy put on a tie. handsome aussie boyfriend ;)

the wedding topper is LOVELY!!!!

Caroline said...

These photos are great!!! The two of you are adorable!!! As for my heart glasses... I bought them in Sydney Australia over the summer. I know how much you love Australia as do I ... so we both will have to go back!! MUCH LOVE!! XO

Missy said...

ah such sweet pics x

For everything about fashion:

OneCraftyFox said...

Thanks so much for the compliments on my clothing :)

Everything is one of a kind, I can recreate a piece provided I am able to get my hands on the same fabric, or I can make the same piece using a different fabric. I design and sew each garment myself , it's very therapeutic for me :) I feel very calm and happy when I sew, and I feel like I have accomplished something.

Have a fabulous Easter Weekend!