Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maiiil Tiiiime!!

"Here's the mail it never fails, it makes me wanna wag my tail, when it comes I wanna wail: MAAAAAIL!!!!" -- Blue's Clues!

I love love getting mail! I very rarely receive anything besides bills and Victoria's Secret catalogs... so whenever I get a personal letter or a package, I'm in hog heaven!!

Would anyone be interested in a mail exchange with each other? Either a just small cute note, or a small craft too?! I'd love to swap! Email me if you're interested or leave me a comment with your email!

I won the "If You Never Did, You Should..." contest awhile back for my post and photos about the wonders and majesty of underwater life while Scuba Diving! (click to see my scuba diving photos!)
I got a lovely red box with my name on it -- so exciting! Inside was an Anchor t-shirt from Jodi's line called "Pirate Bath" as well as a copy of her favorite book (and one of mine too) "Pride and Prejudice," a silver locket ring, and the coolest part: a Fisheye camera! I'm very excited to buy some film and use it!!
p.s. the note says "I love your photos!!" even though it looks like "I love you" haha!

Then, I participated in a mail exchange hosted by Caroline at Coeur de La, and received this sweet package from a certain Melissa, who I wish had left her blog address or something similar! I might have to just write her a thank you note in the mail.

In this package was a few of her favorite things: her favorite chocolate (70% dark -- it's DIVINEly dark!), her favorite recipe (Taco Soup), and her favorite craft to make: an adorable Hawaiian print makeup bag! I thought that it was so sweet of her to send me this nice little clutch bag. PLUS everything was tied up with this polka dot ribbon -- one of my favorite things!!
Finally, I won a giveaway hosted by The Drifter and the Gypsy. The prize was from Jackie Bos, who sent over some of her arts & crafts! It was packaged sweetly with red/white twine.
She included an illustrated book "I Heart the Arctic" with cute drawings of eskimos and snowy animals. Her illustrations are abstract and colorful.. and I really like the reversible handmade heart ornaments!
Thank you to everyone for your lovely packages! I loved them, and truly appreciated it... Snail Mail is the best, and makes me smile!! :)


Caroline said...

Mail is fantastic!!!! :)

Caroline said...

Laura... I have Melissa's info.... she is part of my family :) drop me an email and I will send you a link to her blog and her email!! So happy you liked what she sent you!!! XO

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Love mail. Especially such lovely and thoughtful packages!

lauren may said...

oh laurita i love "I heart the arctic"
ive been wanting to buy some of her stuff for ages its all so lovely!
you lucky thing. i always post for giveaways but i dont seem to have the luck that you do!

Rose said...

Ohh arent you lucky recieving all those lovely packages!!! I love packages too :) so exciting!
That camera! wow along with the tshirt, yay for giveaways. I plan on having one soon, im in the process of buying goodies to include in it :)


MaryBeth Hughes said...

so cute! how do i get one?

trishie said...

Everything looks lovely. You're so lucky!

Micaela said...

Hi Laura! it's Micaela, the person who got your LOVELY little something package!!!! I was so excited to come home from a 10 day birthday visit back home (Texas!) and have your parcel waiting for me. J'ADORE your hand made goodies!!! i can not wait to wear the bow in my hair and think i will try the same with the little hearts (i'm honored to get one of your first batches). I'll probably post about the exchange tomorrow :) and will send a thank you in the mail soon! i love happy mail so THANK YOU SO MUCH for signing up for caroline's exchange and i'm thrilled you got me ;)


OneCraftyFox said...

How ironic, I just finished your snail mail!! :)

BuenoBueno said...

congrats!!!! fish eyes are the best!

tiffany said...

awww all of this is so lovely! i love mail! ^_^

xo tiffany

fraisedesbois said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks for the lovely message on my blog.
I love your enthusiasm at discovering the goodies in the mail. I love to participate in a mail exchange. Here is my email address

Have a great day!

Take care.


OneCraftyFox said...

You scored big time girl! Looks like a bunch of awesome prizes.

Taj Acosta said...

Ohh this looks so fun! I would love to exchange snail mail with you doll. my email address is Have a great week. xoxo

Rachel said...

i would looove to participate in a mail exchange! i love ordering things online just so i get packages in the mail. lol creepy admission there.
anyway you can email me at
or leave me a comment on my blog
with the details.
p.s. u seem to have some luck winning all those giveaways!