Monday, April 5, 2010

Don't Be the Bunny

I made these a few years ago at my mom's house... believe it or not, with no piping bags! All I had was a knife. Even to do the bunny faces! It was tedious....Tedious, and delicious, and adorable!!!

Unfortunately, this year I was a SICKY :( I caught the flu on Friday, from one of my students I believe, and I was a horrible achey chillsy sleepy mess!

I was really looking forward to dying eggs with my boyfriend for the 1st time, and I got plastic eggs to put chocolate in and hide around the house for him to find! But my sickness didn't allow me to do any of this stuff. Lame. I was hoping that I would be better by Easter Sunday, but alas I awoke headachey and coughing up nasty still. Darn, I was very excited to go to an Easter potluck!

One of my favorite foods everrrr is HONEY  HAM! mmmm. And I only really get it twice a year -- Easter & Christmas. and here I lay, with the flu, completely ham-less. Le sigh.

At least before I got sick, I had some pre-Easter fun with a new friend, who so sweetly bought us both some bunny ears!
My friend doesn't know how to cook much...Pillsbury cut out cookies were her idea of baking, haha!
We spent the night singing karaoke and being silly!
Wallace & Grommit teeth much?!?

So, I called my mom because we still love to make cinnamon rolls, ham, and cookies together for Easter. We are the 2 who love it the most, and we make this nummy pineapple brown sugar glaze. Apparently she didn't do any egg-dying, ham-making, or cooking-baking either without me there!! Aw. Sad. We miss each other.

I also am pretty bummed because, in addition to honey ham, all I really wanted was to watch "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown" and "The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town" but alas, neither are on TV.. sad!!

So, I will now take some time to remember the WEIRDEST Easter I've ever had, last year in Australia!
Me & my boyfriend's sister, Lauren
Even Obi Wan Kenobi gets a visit from the Easter Bunny!
Stormtrooper Weddings -- now legalized in South Australia
my man, Jesus!
Our very own Easter bunny! There were 2. And we also ate rabbit for dinner. Sacrilege?!?!

Well, since I have no TV specials nor honey ham to eat, I shall live vicariously through everyone else -- please tell me what you did for Easter! Eat anything delicious, do anything fun, make any cute crafts? If you have leftover ham, please have a piece for me! Hehe


Rose said...

Hahaha you make me laugh about the honey ham!
Your easter in Australia sure does look fun :) yay for dressing up.
The cookies you made in that first photo are great, I love the colours you used. I bought some easter cutters this year but I will have to wait until next year to use them.
The Pillsbury cut out cookies are awesome, does the dough come in a roll and you just cut it into slices?

We had a easter BBQ with family which was nice and then went to the craft fair on the sunday. Ate too much chocolate, didnt get around to any easter crafts though. Oh wait, i did make a delish apple crumble cake :)


Stacey said...

I totally thought the Obi Wan Kenobi mas was Jesus at first.I was like "Whaaaat? How did Laura manage to get Jesus at her party?".
My family has started a new tradition. I hate ham, so we've been having pulled pork sandwiches for the past 2 years. It's awesome! We also make little bunny salads. I'm going to blog a pic of it, but I feel like I blog too much about food.

Rachel said...

wow those are some strangely great pictures you have there.
ugh i hate being sick on holidays!
hope ur feeling better :)

Micaela said...

ADORABLE bunnies you two make :)

and for a minute i thought obi wan was jesus!!!! i giggled. please send me some of those cookies???

WALLACE AND GROMMIT! ha. the last movie out in theatres was the first movie date me and my ex had. LOL i loved it!

Jodi said...

hahahaha these photos are epic! im glad to hear im not the only bubble blower :)
p.s. i almost spit out my water from laughing when i read the sacrilege part... youre awesome

Ducks Like Tea said...

Love the biscuits you made, they're so cute!

OneCraftyFox said...

Your cookies are adorable, I hope you have been doing fabulously :)

Caroline said...

Laura thank you for my bow ... and a red bow at that!!! Much love to you and I will be sending you something in a week or two. Oh and your letter brightened my day!! XO

Cecilia said...

Those cookies are too cute to eat! It's impressive that you were able to decorate them without the "right" gear. :-)